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Meiji Digital Air Regulator (Gun Mount)

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 1) Lightweight and compact

  ①Light weight of 113g which is 30% lighter compared to MAR.


  ②Compact size that does not interfere your work when attached to the spray gun.


  ③ Easy pressure adjustment and digital gauge makes it easy to see.



2) Stable air consumption and pressure

 ①When the gun is equipped with a regulator, it is not affected by pressure fluctuations (about 0.2MPa) when

  the compressor is going ON-OFF and supply stable pressure and air amount.


 ② Even when using a transformer, if multiple air devices are used in a single transformer and they are turned on and off,

  pressure and air amount will fluctuate. However by using a regulator, pressure and air amount can be kept stable. 



3) Difference from air volume regulator

 ①The air volume regulator basically has a needle mechanism and adjusts the air volume by adjusting the gap through

  which the air passes.

  Therefore the amount of air changes because air passes through a constant gap in response to pressure fluctuations.

  With the diaphragm mechanism for air regulator, the regulator tries to maintain a constant pressure of the original 

  pressure so there will not be any changes in air volume which keeps the spraying condition stable.



4) Button battery type

  A safe design that turns the power ON when pressure is 0.02MPa or more, and turns OFF automatically

  when the pressure is 0.02MPa or less.

  If the energized state continues, the power will turn off in about 2 weeks.

  (24 hours x 14 days = 336 hours *8 hours/day = 42 days)

  ※ For those directly exported from Japan, battery not included due to export restrictions.